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(515) 266-4465
1449 E Euclid Ave
Des Moines, Iowa 50316

Hardee's: Fast-food chain serving fried chicken, big burgers and made-from-scratch breakfast biscuits.
Cuisine: American, Burgers, Fast Food, Sandwiches
Restaurant Type: Chain Restaurant
Features: Carry Out, Dine-In, Drive-Thru, Family Friendly, Fast Food
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@hardees on twitter : Most recent tweets!

Hardee's | Jun 26th 01:13 PM
@PatriotHero84 @HardeesVietnam @qqq1 @CarlsJr we get imitation twitters a lot but @hardeesvietnam might be my favor…

Hardee's | Jun 25th 10:18 PM
the real garlic hack is to put the knife down and just buy our garlic bread thickburger

Hardee's | Jun 25th 06:29 PM
RT @mi55_yummy: Hardee’s gotta garlic bread burger 😍😍😍

Hardee's | Jun 12th 03:59 PM
look at this lil guy! look at our little happy star go! @iyamwhatiyam1 is a former hardee's restaurant employee a…

Hardee's | Jun 11th 07:24 PM
@Scott_Kim_Rob I'm so sorry, you definitely got the wrong bacon. Please call Guest Services at 877-799-7827 and the…

Hardee's | Jun 11th 07:23 PM
@moonpiepudding can we make that our new slogan?

Hardee's | Jun 11th 07:22 PM
@URNOTE96 I'm sorry we were out! Please call Guest Services at 877-799-7827 and they will be able to document your issue and help you.

Hardee's | Jun 10th 06:19 PM
sweet tea or bust! happy #NationalIcedTeaDay!

Hardee's | Jun 7th 02:28 PM
@sunspritegraph1 this looks like a buffy gif but i can't remember what episode it's from ugh

Hardee's | Jun 6th 06:40 PM
@dylanbrady I watched like 7 of your videos to make sure, a bit too west coast for Hardee's but liked the video for…

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