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Pizza Hut

Status Today: Hours today: - Please call for hours!

250 SE Destination Dr.
Grimes, Iowa 50111

Pizza Hut: Pizza Hut is an American restaurant chain and international franchise, known for pizza and side dishes.
Cuisine: Pizza
Restaurant Type: Chain Restaurant
Features: Carry Out, Delivery, Family Friendly, Online Ordering, Take Out Only
Pizza Hut InterWebs to Visit:



@pizzahut on twitter : Most recent tweets!

Pizza Hut | Jun 18th 03:01 AM
@asanch0122 That pizza needs some help. Mind sending us a DM with your email address, phone number, and the store's…

Pizza Hut | Jun 18th 02:40 AM
@ArtyPop3 Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Mind sending us a DM with more details about this? We'd like t…

Pizza Hut | Jun 18th 02:25 AM
@NuobSaibot You're doing Monday night right.

Pizza Hut | Jun 18th 02:23 AM
@Ferrara_Pan This is definitely not the experience we wanted for you. Mind sending us a DM with your name, email ad…

Pizza Hut | Jun 18th 02:00 AM

Pizza Hut | Jun 18th 01:58 AM
@yarnx_ Fr fr.

Pizza Hut | Jun 18th 01:58 AM

Pizza Hut | Jun 18th 01:58 AM
@cocoprincess805 ❤️️🍕❤️️

Pizza Hut | Jun 18th 01:57 AM
@zoeskout This has to be a sign that you should order more pizza.

Pizza Hut | Jun 18th 01:57 AM

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