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Taco John's

Status Today: Hours today: - Please call for hours!

Taco Johns
(515) 287-2775
4521 Fleur Dr
Des Moines, Iowa 50315

Taco John's: Serving original favorites like tacos, burritos and Potato Olés®
Cuisine: Breakfast, Burritos, Fast Food, Mexican, Tacos
Restaurant Type: Chain Restaurant
Features: Carry Out, Dine-In, Drive-Thru, Family Friendly, Fast Food
Taco John's InterWebs to Visit:



@tacojohns on twitter : Most recent tweets!

Taco John's | Mar 19th 10:01 PM
Let’s celebrate @elizabethve for being a great teacher and a great #TacoJohns fan. If you bring Potato Olés® to Eli…

Taco John's | Mar 19th 01:50 PM
@ThursMorningQB Stay tuned 😏

Taco John's | Mar 19th 01:49 PM
@Monty3411 Sadly, it was a limited time offer. But you never know, it could be back…stay tuned.

Taco John's | Mar 15th 09:00 PM

Taco John's | Mar 15th 01:48 PM
@brittbritt__xo Sounds like it's time for a road trip!

Taco John's | Mar 13th 01:24 PM
@jayhawkjack @justastephie @darth @jayhwakjack We love this so much we'd like to repost it on our own social channe…

Taco John's | Mar 12th 08:30 PM
It's taco in a cheesy quesadilla, or a cheesy quesadilla around a taco. Either way you look at it, you're going to…

Taco John's | Mar 12th 02:29 PM

Taco John's | Mar 11th 06:29 PM
@just_a_jennifer We’re sorry to hear that. Please tell us how we can make it right:

Taco John's | Mar 10th 12:00 PM
This will make up for that hour you lost. And then some. #SpirngAhead #DaylightSavings #GoodMorning

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